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“Well hello Dannielle Blumenthal,” she said to me, a complete stranger. I stood there for a moment, bewildered. Am I supposed to know you? If I am, I can’t remember your name. “Hi, uh…” I replied, trying to buy time and avoid having to say her name in return. But before I had

Facebook is for talking about anything and everything. On LinkedIn, keep it professional.

Increasingly I observe that people are using Facebook in addition to LinkedIn for professional networking, albeit of a subtler kind. It’s the natural thing to do, as well as the strategic one, for the reasons outlined here. If you want to boost your use of Facebook for professional branding, here

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Who creates the brand – the consumer or the producer? Ten years ago nobody ever really considered this question. The brand was owned by its owner, and within the dominant advertising-focused mindset, all one had to do was promote it. Then Alex Wipperfürth published the classic Brand Hijack: Marketing Without

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“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War (513 BC) Defeating ISIS messaging should be a piece of cake — right? After all, as everybody knows, “they’re a bunch of loony radicals.” How hard can it be to unmask