Marrying Brand Values & Core Brand Attributes: Pret’s Harvest Salad

It's common nowadays for brands to "adopt" a cause as part of their marketing efforts. This is supposed to be a display of good corporate citizenship, and it's a "nice" thing to do. 

At the same time, one has to ask the business question: How much intangible value (goodwill) is your investment in giving actually delivering to the brand?

What's smart about the Pret initiative—which clearly and visually conveys the concept of giving delicious, fresh food in small batches to those in need—is the way it perfectly aligns with the Pret brand promise in and of itself.

That is, when you go to Pret, you are assured of getting delicious, fresh food in small batches.

When you participate in this charitable initiative by buying a "harvest salad," you are basically giving someone else the exact same food you yourself would consume at Pret.

It's a really respectful way to give. It makes you feel good about being a part of the Pret brand community. And it reinforces in your mind why you, personally, would want to eat there, as opposed to any other quick service chain where the food is presented as comparable.

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