Brand Management = Pret (Filed Under: Internal Branding)

Why is Pret a winning brand? Managers like this. 

I have watched her give a rousing, morale-boosting, sometimes chastising morning pep talk on several occasions. Today the staff actually CHEERED. 

She tells them about the new dishes coming in. 

She reminds them about safety. 

She introduces senior leadership. 

She rolls her sleeves up. 

She cares. 

She is deeply, deeply engaged in her job. 

I can tell all this from a mile away, and it gives me even more confidence and trust about the food they sell. 

On the wall there are posters about their obsession with keeping avocados fresh and cutting vegetables properly. 

The signs are matched with their passion for great management. 

When you want to know why management is the basis of branding — watch a company like this in action.


Copyright 2017 by Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. All opinions are the author’s own. Photo by Dr. Blumenthal.