Don't Leave

He was talking to his boss - frustrated.
"I don't see how I can stay here any more."
"Why not?" said his boss, already knowing the answer.
"Because they're a bunch of dumbasses, that's why."
The man was pacing now. His voice gathered steam with every utterance.
"Every decision they make is wrong!"
He was yelling now.
The boss stood up.
He went over to the man.
And started pacing with him.
"Don't leave."
"Why shouldn't I?"
The man's face had turned red now. The effort of unloading his accumulated anger was taxing. For his mind and his heart.
"Because it's when people like you leave that the dumbasses take over," said his boss. "Please, sit down."
He motioned to a chair.
"I fully understand if you want out of here. But I'm asking you to consider another way."
"Yeah, and what's that?" The man was slumped over now. He looked just as he felt, as exhaustion washed over him in waves.
"Stay with us and tough it out."
"Why should I? Really, what is there in it for me, except hassles?"
"Nothing," said his boss. "Absolutely zero."
The man looked at his boss, then he gazed upon his meager wallet.
And after that he gazed at the ceiling.
"I don't like it," he said, after a time.
His face broke out then, into a wide and wild smile.
"But I don't trust guys like you, either. You'll run this place into the ground."
All opinions my own. Photo by me.