Suggesting a New Global Brand: World Peace Cafe, by McDonald's

Very briefly: I was thinking about how Trader Joe's can't keep riced cauliflower in stock.
And about how McDonald's is always struggling to stay relevant, and reinvent itself.
About how McDonald's is a global symbol of America.
And about Bridge of Spies, where Tom Hanks (playing a lawyer defending a Russian spy) says that we have to follow the law, because the law is what makes us Americans.
All of this came together in my head and it occurred to me that a concept I've thought about many times - the World Peace Cafe - would be ideal for McDonald's to implement.
Think about it:
  • McDonald's is uniquely able to produce tasty, nutritious, cheap food on a massive scale.
  • McDonald's has already shown the capacity to adapt to domestic and global trends at its outlets all over the world.
  • McDonald's has experience purchasing and further commercializing standalone brands, as it did with Chipotle.
  • McDonald's brand values are "food, folks and fun" - perfect for a worldwide gathering place where we can focus on being diverse human beings who simply want to relax, grab a cheap meal, and let the kids hang out and run around a bit.
  • McDonald's is uniquely able to create a new brand that exemplifies American leadership concerning the world's biggest priority right now - which is for everyone to stop fighting, come together, and install some sanity so that we can plan our global future in peace.
McDonald's can unite the world around food.
And while they're at it, they can make the food inclusive - meatless, gluten-free, kosher-supervised, and halal - so that everybody can come in and enjoy it. So that the pipeline of food is both cheap and sustainable.
There is so much more to say here - we're just scratching the surface with this brief post.
I hope McDonald's sees this idea and decides to explore it. 
(Incidentally, if freelance help is rates are most reasonable :-)
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