Rule #1

It is the only rule that matters: You are the brand. You are always the brand.
Whether you work for yourself, or somebody else, or you don’t work at all.
Therefore, you should do the things that feel right for you. And you should not do things that feel wrong. No matter what anybody tells you.
Make your own way in life. There is only one you.
Think of it this way: All of us, no matter who we are, lose everything eventually. Money, health, looks, loved ones, and yes, life itself.
But there is one thing that cannot be lost: Our legacy. The impact of our actions on others.
No matter what you think, no matter what anyone has told you in the past, nobody else on the Planet Earth can control the choices you make in your life.
So remember: Your personal brand is your personal choice.
You have the right to seize it.
Every minute, of every second, of every day.