CMO Jargon: 5 (Maybe 6) Words For That Elevator Ride

1. How do you define leadership in one sentence?

Knowing what to do and doing it.
2. What Is CPE?
CPE refers to cost per engagement. It is a fancy way of saying, how much money did it cost me per person who clicked on my commercial Tweet, or Facebook ad, etc.
3. What is crowdsourcing in terms of being able to define “crowdsourcing services” in a sales pitch?
It means getting many people to contribute ideas or services for free. It’s like saying that you know how to popularize a brand on social media to such an extent that people would give away their time and expertise to be part of it.
4. What is gamification?
Gamification is when you insert the characteristics of games into marketing activities.
  • Examples:
  • Points
  • Multiplayer competition
  • Virtual simulation
  • Multiple levels (e.g. “expert”)
  • Avatars
  • Gamer names
The converse is when you insert elements of marketing into a game, such as:
  • Use of a celebrity brand (e.g. the Kardashians’ games)
  • Sponsorship by a brand (e.g. Disney games)
  • Product placement (like using a popular brand of car in an action game).
5. What is the difference between business analytics and data science?
Business analytics is the study of data you collect in order to optimize your company’s performance. It is applied research and is used in everything from business process optimization to marketing.
Data science is basic research and consists of the study of what data is in the first place, how it interrelates with other data, and how it can be analyzed reliably.
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