5 Brands That Kill The Agony Of Thanksgiving

Let's face it, those large-and-awkward Thanksgiving dinners can give even the most extroverted party girl a panic attack. To soothe the anxious soul, here are five newly mainstream brands for 2015. All of them promise to reduce the pain:
  1. Starbucks Order & Pay: You have to do your duty and come over for the meal. But when you make the Big Escape to the crowded corner Starbucks to which everyone else has fled, it's nice to know that your drink will be sitting there waiting for you.
  2. FitBit: Everybody did their best to make it come out right, but the turkey is dry and gamy; the sweet potato pie is a sugar coma; the green bean casserole is way too dense and salty. What do you do to cope? It's no problem! Just hold up your device and declare, "I need a serious walk around the block. This food was great!"
  3. Instagram: You may be having the worst time ever. But snap a selfie with a willing accomplice, put it through the magic filter and voila! Life is truly, totally grand.
  4. Uber: 2015 was the year that our nation's personal taxi service became a must-have. Stuck at a really bad party? Family arguments getting you down? Tap the app and magically, out of nowhere, someone will appear to take you anywhere....else!
  5. Waze: "What the hell is going on out there?" "Why are things so backed up?" Now you don't have to guess at that kind of thing - you know. And you've got a great excuse for avoiding that party in the first place :-)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. YOU BE YOU!
Best wishes from us at All Things Brand.
All opinions are the author's own. Photo by Ali Eminov via Flickr (Creative Commons)