5 Halloween Marketing Trends That Easily Reinforce The Brand

When it comes to marketing, there's no end to how creative and/or crazy you can get this Halloween. The trick is to raise awareness all in the spirit of the brand. Here are five trends providing a perfect vehicle for doing so:
  1. Character Brands: The most popular costumes nationally are Batman adversary Harley Quinn; Star Wars, superheroes; pirates; and Batman himself. (Source: Google Frightgeist)
  2. DIY Tips from Trusted Brands: Whether it's homemade mom & baby costumes (Cotton Incorporated) or clever Halloween Treats (Prevention Magazine), creative and money-saving options are popular this season. (Source: Clickz)
  3. Viral Videos With A Real-Life Lesson: The UK's Tesco supermarket did a spot in which one of their supermarkets was tricked out with a Halloween monster, and customers were videotaped as they freaked out in response. As a bonus, viewers got tips on how to do some pretty cool and very ghoulish things. (Source: Momentology)
  4. Get Fans Into The Action: It never hurts to get brand devotees excited by rewarding them for dressing up as their version of a character. A smart move by the folks promoting the next installation of the Hunger Games. Or, you can simply ask customers to name their favorite "Oreo Nomster." (Sources: ClickzExactTarget.com)
  5. Ride The Twitter Targeting Bandwagon: Want to be locked up with a zombie? No thanks, if you ask me, but a lot of people answer "Yes, totally!" For them, Room Escape Adventures teamed up with SocialCentiv to push promo tickets straight to potential customers mentioning Halloween on Twitter. (Source: Adweek)
All opinions are the author's own.