Shut Down, But Not Shut Out: Achieving Productivity During Difficult Times

One of the most demoralizing things about the shutdown is that feeling of losing control over your life.

But the fact that you are powerless over one thing, does not make you powerless over everything. 

The news had a story about federal employees who volunteered at Martha's Kitchen in D.C. I thought it was awesome that they were giving to others at a time when they could easily have sat around feeling sorry for themselves.

I'm not as noble as them, unfortunately. But I do feel kind of good about how I'm spending my time. In addition to looking for freelance work that doesn't conflict with my job (hard to do when I can be called back any time, any day now), here's what I've been doing:
  1. Blogging more about things that are practical, and starting a larger writing project that is meaningful to me.
  2. Spending more time with my family.
  3. Self-training on computer programming.
  4. Implementing the techniques for healthy eating I've been reading about: blend veggies in a smoothie, pre-make salads once a week, 100% seaweed that tastes like a potato chip. Tea.
  5. Reading the actual newspaper in print.
  6. Walking a little bit more each day.
  7. Reading about do-it-yourself projects, like making a server or computer-charging backpack at home.
  8. Adding to the music collection.
  9. Fixing up the home, throwing out junk, cleaning, etc.
  10. Giving myself permission to relax, and spend time reflecting on what really matters to me in life. 
Before we know it we will be back at work again. We will remember what we did during this time. However we spent our time, let's make the memories something worth reflecting on with pride.

* All opinions my own.