Is Your Mind Too Closed To See These 3 Brands Objectively?

Today we visited a park nearby. The trip just wasn't worth it.

"It's a great park don't you think?" I said bravely, wanting to make the best of it.

"No," responded my husband. "It's humid today, the park is crowded, and there are dogs everywhere. Plus I can hear the traffic."

"Well I had fun," I scowled. "Some date you are."

"Why can't you ever admit it when something is not right?"

He has a good point there. Because I am not emotionally invested in any brands per se, I can be objective about them.

Along these lines, here is some contrarian thinking on 3 frequently discussed brands:

1. Twitter - negative: Like Facebook it enjoys ubiquity and familiarity. But unlike Facebook there is no higher-level purpose. Not a good long-term investment plus we won't want to see ads or sponsored content on it.

2. Miley Cyrus - positive: Miley's songs are good and she has a relevant, appealing message for parents of Gen Yers: Leave us alone and let us work it out. She also is working her publicity angle well, outsmarting and outshining other attention-grabbing superstars.

3. The Democratic Party - negative: This is a party that enjoys a natural advantage with its promise of protecting the poor, elderly, weak and vulnerable and ensuring a level playing field. Yet seemingly everything they do looks bumbling, foolish, ill-conceived, like amateur hour. They have become complacent and worse, demonize those who offer legitimate criticism and opposition (which only bolsters its opposition).

* All opinions my own. Photo by me.