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A couple of years ago, at TEDGlobal 2013, Paul Kemp-Robertson gave a talk on “bitcoin” and branded currency that was a bit ahead of its time. But I think we are getting ready for it now. (If you don’t like or don’t have time to watch videos, read the transcript here.


Typically when people ask me “how can I fix my brand,” the answer is very simple. They just don’t want to hear the answer. Here are five examples of things people don’t want to hear. Communication is a critical function that must be heavily staffed with highly qualified people who


I love going to Pret for my coffee in the morning. It’s not just another coffee place. Pret is love. I can tell how much they care about the food they serve. For one thing the presentation is so appealing. (I eat kosher, but God does allow me to admire


Citizen Journalism Eclipses the Mainstream Media: In a trend that continues from the campaign, we will see official sources of news decline in public interest as it is perceived that they spin a pre-fabricated narrative. At the same time, the perceived honesty of independent bloggers, researchers and other citizen journalists will


See larger image The New Face of Your Brand: Social Brand Advocacy grows Business with Customer Community and Co-Created Marketing By (author): Shawn M Miller List Price: $10.00 USD New From: $8.25 USD In Stock Used from: $10.04 USD In Stock One day when she was five, my daughter looked


It never ceases to fascinate me how certain topics go viral on social media whereas others do not. Just like with branding, it is of course possible to artificially induce a “high” on a certain topic, at least for a time. But in the end a craze has to have


Visiting a university last week I overheard a student talking to someone on the phone. She was walking briskly past me. I could hear her loud protestations. “I don’t understand! How did Trump win? I’m so FRUSTRATED!” She really looked agitated. On CNN there was “Lily the protester” who in


Lately I’ve become addicted to Shark Tank, or should I say the family is addicted. It’s the only show we all agree on, and with a passion. Our favorite activity while watching the show is of course debating the viability of the products, after which we analyze the interaction between


Brand promise is a customer service commitment. It is normally centered on experience, typically “delight.” Nordstrom is a good example of a retailer that makes this promise – in fact their entire return policy is that they just want you to be happy. Brand positioning is an articulated identity relative

Marketing in the real world is about action. You have to react to events on the ground. Most of the time that means that your strategic plans become “negotiable” if not tossed out the window entirely. At the same time, those who plan the best, who research the best, who