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It never ceases to fascinate me how certain topics go viral on social media whereas others do not. Just like with branding, it is of course possible to artificially induce a “high” on a certain topic, at least for a time. But in the end a craze has to have


Some people get stuck with the concept of commenting on social media. Commenting and writing are really two different things. There are lots of books, articles, presentations and 1-2-3 posts that will tell you how to build a professional presence online. The general idea on that point is to build


Can it be only a few short years ago that my bosses talked about “Twittering?” That it took 5 hours to approve a single Tweet, which had to go through a “workflow?” Shaking my head. The “business case” required. Agony and hand-wringing. Confusion about metrics – is it “reach” or

By and large Americans in 2016 do not often read carefully researched investigative stories in print newspapers to find out what is going on: That’s only about 1 in 5 (20%) of us, says the Pew Research Institute. The rest put on the TV (57%) or go online (38%), to

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One of the things people worry about, when it comes to their behavior on social media, is how much of their personal opinion can be shared. And they should worry. Putting the legal discussion of rights and responsibilities aside, we exist in a social context. People judge us by what


Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting opinion piece by Christopher Mims,“Twitter Fails to Harness Its Importance.” Mims argues that Twitter fails to turn a profit because it fails to control where its content appears. Here’s Mims’ logic: The main utility of a Tweet is on the consumption side –

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The gloves were off during the debate Thursday night.  After a lackluster performance in the New Hampshire GOP Debate, Marco Rubio made it clear: He would not go down without a fight.  And fight he did.  Unfortunately, the Florida Senator also missed a golden opportunity. During the debate, Rubio went after Trump for illegally

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A California magistrate has ordered Apple to help the FBI unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple CEO Tim Cook has vowed to challenge that order. Cook argues compliance sets a dangerous precedent and threatens the security of its customers. But does it? Is this


If Facebook is the equivalent of the global civic commons, then it follows that its social norms are important. For example, how we express approval or or disapproval on Facebook is a big deal. What happens when someone shares the news of a tragedy? Do you find yourself going, should I

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“Well hello Dannielle Blumenthal,” she said to me, a complete stranger. I stood there for a moment, bewildered. Am I supposed to know you? If I am, I can’t remember your name. “Hi, uh…” I replied, trying to buy time and avoid having to say her name in return. But before I had