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My answer to “What do personal brands and corporate brands have in common?” on Quora. Every branding exercise involves the creation of a consistent personality that adds value to the product. This includes personal brands (brands centered on an individual) and corporate brands (brands centered on a legal entity that

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A few times in my career I’ve had to review resumes. Most of the resumes I see totally suck eggs. They suck because the candidate: Throws every possible qualification into the document – regardless of whether it matches the type of job they’re applying to. Jams words on top of


This morning I was moved to do a short video entry on my feelings about branding. (You can see the clip here.) Basically I’ve been feeling rather brand-unmotivated these past few months, which is odd for me. After all I spent most of my life so passionate about the subject

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When it comes to art, the narrative is one of the most important—often overlooked—pieces of a brand.  Allen Adamson best explains this, saying: “You’re selling a product, and, first and foremost to succeed it must be a superior product, but people also want an original back story.  It’s not just

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It may be hard to believe as we approach 2016, but working women do still get paid significantly less than their male counterparts. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (U.S. Census data, 2013) women over the age of 15 working in the United States, full time, earn just 78 cents


What they can and cannot do: Marketing is such a broad field right now that it is impossible to know and do everything well. It’s important to specialize, even if one only specializes in being a generalist. How to do visual content: This as opposed to verbal content. People scan, they


Someone asked me for job advice and I ended up writing this in an email. I wish I could take credit for these ideas but they’re time-tested pieces of advice I’ve heard over and over throughout the years. And like a good navy suit with a white button-down shirt, they’re


  “Douche bag.” “Asshole.” “Hey, welcome back….group’s been looking for you.” “Yeah, I lost my phone.” “Fuck off.” “Or maybe I took a hammer to it.” “….We fly tomorrow night.” “Without me….I quit the group, Rob.” “….Stop fucking around. Shit, shower, shave, and let’s go.” – CIA agents Quinn and Rob

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You can layer your social media accounts with all sorts of privacy bells and whistles, but there is no guarantee it will stop your co-worker from seeing that offensive joke you just posted about them.