Previously I argued that propaganda is not a good use of organizational resources. In fact it is counterproductive, because today’s information consumer is savvy enough to seek alternative versions to any manipulated version of the truth. But public relations remains useful. The profession can broadly be understood as “portraying the


Yesterday at the holiday lunch, a colleague told us about his background. “I used to jump out of planes,” he shared. “That’s pretty impressive,” someone said. “You were a paratrooper?” He laughed. “In the Marines, we just called it jumping out of planes.” In a nutshell, that’s how I feel


See larger image The New Face of Your Brand: Social Brand Advocacy grows Business with Customer Community and Co-Created Marketing By (author): Shawn M Miller List Price: $10.00 USD New From: $8.25 USD In Stock Used from: $10.04 USD In Stock One day when she was five, my daughter looked


Every year the widely respected public relations firm Edelman does a global survey to measure people’s trust in various social institutions. The 2016 survey showed that worldwide, trust in the media has increased and is now at 57% (+6) among the “informed public” and 47%  (+2) in the “general population.” But those numbers are


Can it be only a few short years ago that my bosses talked about “Twittering?” That it took 5 hours to approve a single Tweet, which had to go through a “workflow?” Shaking my head. The “business case” required. Agony and hand-wringing. Confusion about metrics – is it “reach” or


I have worked for the federal government since 2003 across half a dozen agencies and not once has anyone ever instructed me to lie. Not once. But there are many ways to lie. What used to be merely disingenuous on the government’s part—a way to avoid controversy, maintain credibility, and


One of the most painful things about this election season has no doubt been the fighting with friends and even family members about which candidate is better. I’m not here in this post to advocate for one side or another. Only to point out that this national argument we’re having


Brand promise is a customer service commitment. It is normally centered on experience, typically “delight.” Nordstrom is a good example of a retailer that makes this promise – in fact their entire return policy is that they just want you to be happy. Brand positioning is an articulated identity relative


In my nuclear family we never talked about controversial stuff. Basically, we handled conflict either by my mother saying “shhh” or my grandmother saying “shhh.” If unfortunately it would happen that a fight broke out, we simply didn’t talk to one another. Three days was the minimum, a few months

communication during crisis

Yesterday presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left the New York 9/11 memorial ceremony early. A video widely circulated on Twitter showed her collapsing into a van. In shock I watched those 20 seconds on Twitter, over and over again, grief-stricken. Nobody wanted to see this.