I love going to Pret for my coffee in the morning. It’s not just another coffee place. Pret is love. I can tell how much they care about the food they serve. For one thing the presentation is so appealing. (I eat kosher, but God does allow me to admire


Working in Washington DC you can easily develop a sort of dour attitude about the seemingly “superficial” delights of shopping. Let’s be honest: We pride ourselves on being “policy” people, wonks. There are a lot of PhDs, JDs, MBAs, MDs, and pretty much every other acronym you can think of


The most important thing to remember about branding is that you’re creating an artificial personality. The basic elements of that personality include: vision, mission, values, key words and messages, and looks. A brand style guide therefore should cover all of these elements. Typically it will begin with the most superficial


A startup should focus primarily on: Building a customer base Establishing a revenue model Creating a healthy organizational culture Ensuring the right level of staffing Recruiting good leadership Managing the money Doing investor outreach Growing partnerships Developing a buzz through word of mouth Once the identity has gelled a bit,

retail branding

Over the past few days I’ve done my fair share of browsing unfamiliar retail environments. I cannot find a goddamn thing. In Publix (grocery store) I needed a protein bar. Well who would think that the protein bars would be in the same aisle as the…Snapple and shampoo. Perhaps you’re