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All Things Brand explores the design, development, and meaning of brands, with a special focus on brand standards and branding best practices.  The idea started in 2007 as Dannielle Blumenthal’s best practices blog and expanded in 2015 into a brand training and best practices portal.

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Dr. Blumenthal’s diverse communications experience spans more than twenty years in the private sector, academia and government, where she continues to serve (all opinions are her own). A prolific author, speaker and well-known independent scholar of branding, Dr. Blumenthal has taught at George Washington University and University of Maryland University College, and currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Brand Strategy.

Joey Seich is an innovative business strategist, web developer and graphic designer active in the best practice community. A technical whiz and speaker with a specialization in design and usability, she met Dannielle as part of a working group on best practice, and later went on to join her team, where she successfully developed a complete visual identity system, website, and social media presence.

Today, Dannielle and Joey are business partners, and they have a plan to take over the world.

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