Monday, February 19, 2018

For A Critical View of #QAnon

Preface: This post reprints today's Twitter thread with some additional comments.  The significance of "George Washington Crossing The Delaware," for followers of the #QAnon narrative, is that just as George Washington led the American Revolution to fight British oppression, so too is President Trump leading a new revolution against the Deep StateImage was screenshotted and shared on Twitter as a message from #QAnon on 12/24/2017. And of course, it should be obvious that we are not targeting the intelligence community here. It is a vital component of our national security, along with the Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security. The challenge we face is corruption.

Starting a thread now to talk about #QAnon, and why I am concerned that some people may be following a hashtag unquestioningly. 

On 11/9/2017 I posted a blog on Medium about #QAnon with 387 questions and answers cut and pasted from the Google Spreadsheet which is still live and online. So is the Pastebin.

(Additional comment: See also the prior presentations, which bring together and share anonymously contributed information on Twitter, dated 6/17/2017 and 6/18/2017 respectively: "Stopping The Fourth Reich." The second was "It's Not About Seth Rich.")

On 11/11/17 I posted a slideshow to Slideshare which had the same questions and answers but somewhat edited and organized.

You can go to this link to find the most up-to-date refresh. 

Looking at that website, the earliest entry I can find is 10/28/2017. A quick Google Search brings up a condescending, but well-researched and intelligently articulated critique of Q in New York Magazine, "The Storm Is The New #Pizzagate, Only Worse," which confirms the 10/28/2017 start date.  It is important to me to hear a wide range of views on things because otherwise I'm living in a mind-controlled echo chamber and I never, ever want that.

When the whole Q thing first started, I didn't know what to make of it. Certainly it brought me hope that something good was happening in terms of bringing bad actors to justice.

As someone who got drawn into the campaign season as a strong advocate for Donald Trump, I experienced firsthand the social climate within which any expression for our now-President could get you punched in the face, or worse.

Luckily I was not physically harmed, but I did get so many nasty and sexist comments directed my way. I remember people saying "how could *a smart woman like you* even consider voting for him?"

I remember when I told the rabbi in synagogue "Donald Trump is going to win." And the other people at the table looked at me in horror. Only one woman vocalized her agreement.

I remember I wanted to go to the inauguration but we expected violence, the Antifa, the "resistance" (I assumed they were paid thugs) and so stayed home. (That's why the media discussion of "crowd size" was so unfair, from the start.)

This is not to mention the 100+ "Alt" government (parody accounts) on Twitter that sprang up after the election, or the media coverage about government workers who organized against the President, or the professional colleague who said "When Donald Trump Is impeached..."

It was within this climate that #QAnon made complete sense. How else would we find out what the President was doing, with his allies, to make justice happen? The media wouldn't tell the story. The coverage was nearly 100% anti-Trump.

Today is February 19, 2018. Are we there yet?

One feature of the #QAnon narrative is the concept that justice will occur (note: link goes to a summary of the concept provided by another anonymous source via screenshot; I could not verify the original on 8chan). There is Stage 1, "The Calm Before The Storm" (evidence gathering), Stage 2, "The Storm" (round 'em up), and Stage 3, "The Awakening." Put them on trial, etc.

I am concerned that the #QAnon story has become an article of faith for so many people that if things don't happen as they are seemingly promised, there will be a giant letdown, and citizens will be worse off than before.

I am concerned that the #QAnon narrative undermines democracy by substituting blind faith (for most people, it's blind faith because we require "translators" of complex codes and questions) for critical thinking.

By all means, if #QAnon is a brilliant branding campaign designed to keep our hopes up during stressful times, and also an information campaign designed to cut through the media's deliberate obfuscation of the facts, fine.

But it can only be temporary. #QAnon cannot be a SUBSTITUTE for education, for engagement with the democratic process. We cannot SUBSTITUTE loyalty to a person (President Trump) for loyalty to the system of justice we've set up.

As Americans it is incumbent upon us to make our democracy work for us. If it has gotten too complicated, if it is overseen by forces we never elected and who hold us under their sway (the Deep State), then we must work together to change that.

Whatever happens with #QAnon, happens. But just like with "pizzagate"--which is really about the demand for an investigation into human trafficking--the proof is not in the screenshots - it is in the arrests.

If you read this and found it meaningful, I am glad. God bless you and have a good day this President's Day.

As you know, as always, all opinions are my own.

In response to comments received, some additional comments:

1) Perhaps what is needed is more elaboration for the public in the form of narrative as opposed to meme, screenshot, code, etc. As much as I try to do this, it just seems like an overwhelming amount of info, education and background knowledge is required (the @GeorgWebb problem).

2) I think it is possible that as some say, #QAnon has been taken over by a disinformation agent. Any time you are tying results to a time frame you are setting people up to look like fools for believing. Didn’t @POTUS teach us that? You don’t telegraph your moves to the enemy.

3) (Regarding "pizzagate"): We need an investigation into intelligence abuses. We need facts re allegations of child trafficking 4 blackmail, profit, & gaining the cooperation of sources. Watch this brief clip, read retraction and see what you think.

Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Photo: "Washington Crossing The Delaware"  (1851), by Emmanuel Luetze, Metropolitan Museum of Art, via Wikipedia (Public Domain). Image was screenshotted and shared on Twitter as a message from #QAnon on 12/24/2017.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Developing A Personal Research Framework

This started as a thread on Twitter. I thought others might find it interesting as they develop their own research "SOPs." Obviously no framework is going to be perfect and airtight and there are exceptions to every rule, e.g. when someone's life is in danger. 

1) I don’t pursue research I can’t write about.

2) I don’t pursue research containing material that will hurt me spiritually.

3) I don’t pursue research where I care about someone’s feelings.

4) I don’t pursue research where I have a professional conflict of interest.

5) I don’t pursue research that I am legally not allowed to pursue.

6) I don’t pursue research when in my view it offends someone else’s privacy.

7) I don’t pursue research unless I think there is some practical benefit to it.

8) I don’t pursue research out of spite or hate.

9) I don’t pursue conversations with people who only want to stir up hate.

10) I don’t pursue research that poses as research but is really mindless crap, or where the funding for the data is obfuscated or where the data is manipulated and misleading. 
Copyright 2017 by Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. The author hereby releases this post into the public domain. Photo by Tama66 via Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0).

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Human Trafficking As A Marketing Enterprise

Every day, an untold number of children are marketed to and purchased by adult pedophiles. The average person knows this, and judging from the comments that others have made to me, they also feel helpless to fight it.

In an effort to save these children's lives, I am reprinting here and elsewhere my Twitter thread from February 9, 2017 below, unaltered. It presents for consideration the theory that human trafficking essentially performs an economic function, and secondarily a social one. As such, we need researchers with some insight into economics, marketing and sociology to map the pipeline of B2B and B2C producers, manufacturers, distributors, marketers, consumers, and so on. People with IT skills, who can diagram the supply chain and the collaboration workflow, so to speak, would also be invaluable in showing us how the pipeline moves from Point A to Point B and so on.

You can see that reframing the human trafficking enterprise as a marketing enterprise--basically the equivalent of a global organized crime racket--takes the emotion out of it and enables us to get to work. This is a real thing, it is not the product of victims' fantasies or mass psychosis, and it will not end until we become very conscious of what is going on.

A few notes. Obviously these are very rough status updates, written in such a way that they will gain attention on Twitter (thus some words are presented in all-caps); this is not a business brief. Also obviously, this requires much more research and elaboration than is offered here, as well as extensive corrections based on the facts.

But it is a beginning. And judging from the reaction on Twitter, it resonated with many people and also elicited a great deal of helpful thought and research links from them. I share it in the hope that other good people--because if you are immoral, you will take this kind of data and skew it so as to serve your agenda in some way--will pick it up and contribute.

I am not the smartest person in the world, but I do know one thing: The research in itself is the beginning of the end of this social cancer. We must make the invisible known, eliminating the phenomenon whereby evidence is suppressed and then the criminals claim there is no evidence.

Here is the thread:

1) Starting a new thread to talk about a theory I have on child sex trafficking in the U.S. and internationally. This thoughtstream may be true, known & obvious to others, or totally wrong.

2) As you know if you follow my blog and Tweets I am fascinated by the story of @SaRaAshcraft and @cronsell who claim to have escaped a cult together. This cult is called the Children of God, a.k.a. COG, a.k.a. "The Family".

3) @SaRaAshcraft threw me by calling this cult #Hivites. I can't really relate what she experienced to this ancient cult and the dissonance left me puzzled. But when she referred to them as the "Children of God," the name stuck in my head somewhere.

4) The most prominent thing @SaRaAshcraft said, the first thing that made me pay attention, was the accusation that she saw Hillary Clinton at the age of 8 at an occult ritual. (I don't have time to share links now.)

5) @SaRaAshcraft mentioned being taken to Oregon, being put in a cage, and being made to watch gang rape of a young boy. These details closely mirror what "Kendall" said on @DrPhil regarding a sex trafficking victim being made to kill. @LizCrokin & others have mentioned cages.

6) @SaRaAshcraft says she ran away from her family in March 2017 (date may be off slightly). She is with @cronsell. She talks about her mother using neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to trigger her and about her father teaching her cult stuff. @SaRaAshcraft comes from BREEDERS.

7) Where have we heard about BREEDERS before? @DrPhil had "Kendall" on, talking about being forced to be one. @becki_p20 has said that her parents trafficked her; they are also breeders. Cathy O'Brien, in her book TRANCE Formation of America, talks about her father pimping her.

8) Cathy O'Brien says she was essentially a cash cow for her parents. She, @SaRaAshcraft and @becki_p20 are all alleged victims this way - they say their parents knew, aided and abetted and per @SaRaAshcraft even taught them it was right - Luciferian cult belief.

9) I am very mindful not to put words in others' mouths now and am NOT imposing my hypothesis on these alleged victims. This is my own theory, trying to put everything together that I've learned.

10) What is the connection between the "Hivites," the "Children of God," and the "Luciferian" cult? They do not seem to be one and the same, and I don't know anything about them. But of the three, it seems MUCH has been written about the "Children of God," "COG," "The Family."

11) Last night I found a ton of references about COG. Let's add a link here. … and another one here

12) If you go here you'll actually find a lot about COG . But what really made my hair stand on end was the revelation that @rosemcgowan - ROSE MCGOWAN - escaped it too.

13) River and Joaquin Phoenix were in the Children of God.

14) And what is the Children of God known for? BEING A PEDOPHILIC SEX CULT.

15) My theory is that the Children of God, as a cult, produced and marketed their "product" - children - to customers. Human trafficking is almost the largest crime in the world; there are many suppliers of "product."

16) My theory is that @SaRaAshcraft @becki_p20 and Cathy O'Brien were all produced by different types of "manufacturers," one type being a religious cult manufacturer; another type being common criminals; a 3rd being criminals remotely linked to corrupt intel community members.

17) The point is, there is no one single assembly line for the child sex trafficking pipeline. There are also human smugglers. There are also gangs. There are runaways, neighborhood opportunists, street corner pimps.Wherever u have organized crime you have predatory opportunists.

18) So the kids come into the pipeline - either bred for it, or thrown into it - and they arrive in the marketplace for minors. Now they need a HANDLER.

19) That HANDLER plays a different role than the breeder. This is the person who makes sure they show up on time, perform and remain enslaved without escaping. The handler even takes the victim to doctor's appointments.

20) If you start to map out the system of human trafficking, you see how very complex a chain it must be - from the breeder, to the seller, to the handler. And now it gets worse.

21) In any marketplace, sellers only exist to provide a product to buyers for money. So who are the buyers?

22) Obviously, when it comes to human trafficking, there is a B2C market, which is to say that there are people who buy child victims directly - either for online consumption or for in person "use."

23) The B2B market is where a child is sold to an intermediary. That is a buyer who obtains the child to provide to someone else for use. A pimp can be both a B2B buyer and a handler, but I am thinking of more of an institutional holding place - like a brothel.

24) Finally you have enforcement, that is the people who catch the human traffickers; the justice system which tries and prosecuted them; social services which reintegrates victims; and journalists who tell the story.

25) Somewhere in this mix, I believe, is a fight between corrupt elements in all the government systems

26) If everyone on the government side involved in human trafficking were good (forgive me I meant to include child protective services) the problem would be eliminated by now.

27) But the reality is that some must actually be bad - facilitating perpetuating and enabling this heinous crime.

28) And some may even be consumers, for example procuring children to provide to sources to get intel or using children to blackmail people for specific ends.

29) Until we map out the end to end process through which child sex trafficking takes place, including government corruption at the national and international levels and including the military and intelligence communities, we won’t get to the truth.

30) Until we get to the truth, without regard for feelings or reputation or status or power, we won’t really be able to stop the problem. Instead it will all be BREAD AND CIRCUSES.

31) I think it is fair to say that the American people and the international community have had enough of the proclivity of some people - yes, rich powerful people - to use our precious babies as fodder for their sick whims.

32) It is time for an international fact finding mission and international tribunal equivalent to the Nuremberg trials after the Holocaust. We must find it we must talk about it and it must end. No show trials.

33) The American people are not stupid and we cannot be fooled by the drooling parades that Hollywood tries to put out every night.

34) Enough bullshit. We want to see arrests.

35) If you read this, thank you for reading. (End)


All opinions expressed by the author, Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal, are her own. This post is hereby released into the public domain by the author. Photo credit: ayu4108 via Pixabay(CC0 Creative Commons).

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

One Minute Marketing Insight: Reframing (Video)

Watch video here.

Text follows:

  • Reframing is turning a weakness into a strength.
  • Quick example: you sell a product that costs a lot of money to make, and you charge a lot of money to purchase it. You position it as a premium product.
  • Reframing is not lying. Reframing is when you take a situation and you put it in the most positive light possible. 
  • It's really really important not to cross the line from reframing to lying, because lying is not only morally wrong, but it destroys your credibility. 
  • Another thing that people should be aware of is that sometimes an opponent will use selective truths to discredit a campaign, a person, and it's important to know how to put those truths in context. Putting truths in context is a form of reframing.
Have a good day.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

One Minute Marketing Insight: Why People Dress Badly (Audio)

Here's a short clip I recorded to explain the central reason why people waste so much money on clothing that doesn't suit them.

No matter how much money you have (or don't), you absolutely can dress like a star.
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