Why Is The Truth So Hard To Come By?

In a free country like ours, why is the truth so hard to come by?

We've already talked about one common tactic used by the state, which is to infiltrate and influence media reporting. 
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the public believes is false." - William Casey, former director of the CIA
Another problem is the incompetent use of psychological operations abroad. Put simply, we don't know how to use propaganda well. And to make matters worse, Obama made it possible to boomerang that same garbage information back to the United States.

That last point needs some elaboration, so let's break it into two parts. "We don't know how to use propaganda well." What does that mean?

Propaganda is the deliberate use of true, or partially true, or out-of-context true, information for the purpose of advancing one's agenda.

(Fun fact: Propaganda = Advertising.)

Example: Pizza Hut vs. Papa John's. Dispute over ad line: "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza." The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that most people know propaganda when they see it. Propaganda doesn't make you buy things, they said.

Another example of propaganda is the constant disputation about what's going on between Israel and the Palestinians. Each side wants you to believe that they are right. Each side uses propaganda to some extent. They tell you the story they want you to see.

The underlying assumption behind most propaganda is...guess what? Mind control. These tactics are fundamentally abusive to the human mind. They are immoral, unethical, and depraved. And they're all over the place. Plus they have only limited effectiveness.

Mind control type thinking is supported by the "one way model of communication." Which is the military model: "I tell you what to think and then you do."

Better propaganda, as opposed to primitive propaganda, is two-way. I still give you misleading information, but I allow you the opportunity to ask questions It's a mock "dialogue." We often find this in religious outreach settings. Answers are predetermined, "but ask."

Excellent propaganda is two-way dialogue, and the communicator:
  • States what their agenda is. 
  • Tells the absolute truth. 
  • Says: "There are some things I'm not gonna tell you." 
President Trump is an amazing propagandist.

So to bring this conversation back up to where we started, why is the truth so hard to come by? 

Well, partly because when the state uses propaganda, it doesn't adhere to the rule of excellence. Nobody is convinced.

And because nobody is convinced by propaganda, when the decision is made that by default anything available overseas is going to be available here, and we're okay with that, the decision becomes controversial because we can't bear to look at our own steaming pile of B.S.

Let's leave the state alone at this point, and talk about some other reasons why the truth is very hard to come by nowadays. It may be out there, but we certainly have a hard time discerning what's real and what's not.

A huge problem is the existence of evil people, like George Soros, who are very brilliant, very good at propaganda, very tormented, and who are animated by the quest for power and a financial conflict of interest. 

What a mouthful.

If you have a moment, I really urge you to watch the 60 Minutes interview that Soros did. Because he tells the absolute truth, and I'll translate: "I believe in regulating the world at a higher level than Nation, but none of those world regulations should ever apply to me."

This man is so intelligent, and so good at propaganda, he actually tells you that he is a mental case:
“I fancied myself as some kind of god …It is a sort of disease." 
By George, I think we've got it!

I happen to believe that people can feel, on a cellular level, when something is not right. But it can take a very long time before seemingly reliable people....well, they simply aren't.

We also have trouble getting the truth because every single thing nowadays is for sale. Advertisers buy space in our minds when they buy into media.

And although the Public Relations Society of America clearly tells you to tell the truth (within its code of ethics), the reality is that PR experts get hired to make their masters look good.

At an even higher level, the college-educated person is deeply confused, and more confused the more educated they are, because they're told that all knowledge is relative. 

And of course they hear that God is dead. (Kevin Sorbo's movie, God's Not Dead, is a must-see.)

I don't mean to discount all the good work that's been done to remedy all these problems - really I do not. This is only to point out how challenging it is today, to break through all the propagandistic clutter.

Here's hoping that God will grant us a miracle, that we will see the light through this tunnel of darkness, and join together in unity, as one great indivisible nation again.

Have an amazing day.
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