Fiverr’s Awesome Ad Campaign

Fantastic ad campaign by Fiverr, a platform for freelancers.

They have covered an entire subway station with ads. Even the floor.

Every ad has a very clear message: We are a group of doers, motivated by results. 

We see a diverse group of action-oriented twentysomethings who don’t have time to waste and who don’t plan on spending their lives waiting to make money for someone else.

Taken together, the pictures and the accompanying lines tell a story of a mindset — they introduce us to a community of like-minded people. We are one of them just by identifying with these photos.

We are physically, not just mentally, surrounded by this idea and this message.

The target is clearly identified. You know who you are, and you want to be one of them.

This guy is telling you what you need to hear: Join the community. As a customer or as a freelance services provider.

The future is here, says Fiverr, and it’s not going to be safe.

Are you ready?
Copyright 2018 by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. Photos by the author. All opinions are the author’s own. No compensation was provided in exchange for this post. Not an endorsement.