For A Critical View of #QAnon

Preface: This post reprints today's Twitter thread with some additional comments.  The significance of "George Washington Crossing The Delaware," for followers of the #QAnon narrative, is that just as George Washington led the American Revolution to fight British oppression, so too is President Trump leading a new revolution against the Deep StateImage was screenshotted and shared on Twitter as a message from #QAnon on 12/24/2017. And of course, it should be obvious that we are not targeting the intelligence community here. It is a vital component of our national security, along with the Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security. The challenge we face is corruption.

Starting a thread now to talk about #QAnon, and why I am concerned that some people may be following a hashtag unquestioningly. 

On 11/9/2017 I posted a blog on Medium about #QAnon with 387 questions and answers cut and pasted from the Google Spreadsheet which is still live and online. So is the Pastebin.

(Additional comment: See also the prior presentations, which bring together and share anonymously contributed information on Twitter, dated 6/17/2017 and 6/18/2017 respectively: "Stopping The Fourth Reich." The second was "It's Not About Seth Rich.")

On 11/11/17 I posted a slideshow to Slideshare which had the same questions and answers but somewhat edited and organized.

You can go to this link to find the most up-to-date refresh. 

Looking at that website, the earliest entry I can find is 10/28/2017. A quick Google Search brings up a condescending, but well-researched and intelligently articulated critique of Q in New York Magazine, "The Storm Is The New #Pizzagate, Only Worse," which confirms the 10/28/2017 start date.  It is important to me to hear a wide range of views on things because otherwise I'm living in a mind-controlled echo chamber and I never, ever want that.

When the whole Q thing first started, I didn't know what to make of it. Certainly it brought me hope that something good was happening in terms of bringing bad actors to justice.

As someone who got drawn into the campaign season as a strong advocate for Donald Trump, I experienced firsthand the social climate within which any expression for our now-President could get you punched in the face, or worse.

Luckily I was not physically harmed, but I did get so many nasty and sexist comments directed my way. I remember people saying "how could *a smart woman like you* even consider voting for him?"

I remember when I told the rabbi in synagogue "Donald Trump is going to win." And the other people at the table looked at me in horror. Only one woman vocalized her agreement.

I remember I wanted to go to the inauguration but we expected violence, the Antifa, the "resistance" (I assumed they were paid thugs) and so stayed home. (That's why the media discussion of "crowd size" was so unfair, from the start.)

This is not to mention the 100+ "Alt" government (parody accounts) on Twitter that sprang up after the election, or the media coverage about government workers who organized against the President, or the professional colleague who said "When Donald Trump Is impeached..."

It was within this climate that #QAnon made complete sense. How else would we find out what the President was doing, with his allies, to make justice happen? The media wouldn't tell the story. The coverage was nearly 100% anti-Trump.

Today is February 19, 2018. Are we there yet?

One feature of the #QAnon narrative is the concept that justice will occur (note: link goes to a summary of the concept provided by another anonymous source via screenshot; I could not verify the original on 8chan). There is Stage 1, "The Calm Before The Storm" (evidence gathering), Stage 2, "The Storm" (round 'em up), and Stage 3, "The Awakening." Put them on trial, etc.

I am concerned that the #QAnon story has become an article of faith for so many people that if things don't happen as they are seemingly promised, there will be a giant letdown, and citizens will be worse off than before.

I am concerned that the #QAnon narrative undermines democracy by substituting blind faith (for most people, it's blind faith because we require "translators" of complex codes and questions) for critical thinking.

By all means, if #QAnon is a brilliant branding campaign designed to keep our hopes up during stressful times, and also an information campaign designed to cut through the media's deliberate obfuscation of the facts, fine.

But it can only be temporary. #QAnon cannot be a SUBSTITUTE for education, for engagement with the democratic process. We cannot SUBSTITUTE loyalty to a person (President Trump) for loyalty to the system of justice we've set up.

As Americans it is incumbent upon us to make our democracy work for us. If it has gotten too complicated, if it is overseen by forces we never elected and who hold us under their sway (the Deep State), then we must work together to change that.

Whatever happens with #QAnon, happens. But just like with "pizzagate"--which is really about the demand for an investigation into human trafficking--the proof is not in the screenshots - it is in the arrests.

If you read this and found it meaningful, I am glad. God bless you and have a good day this President's Day.

As you know, as always, all opinions are my own.

In response to comments received, some additional comments:

1) Perhaps what is needed is more elaboration for the public in the form of narrative as opposed to meme, screenshot, code, etc. As much as I try to do this, it just seems like an overwhelming amount of info, education and background knowledge is required (the @GeorgWebb problem).

2) I think it is possible that as some say, #QAnon has been taken over by a disinformation agent. Any time you are tying results to a time frame you are setting people up to look like fools for believing. Didn’t @POTUS teach us that? You don’t telegraph your moves to the enemy.

3) (Regarding "pizzagate"): We need an investigation into intelligence abuses. We need facts re allegations of child trafficking 4 blackmail, profit, & gaining the cooperation of sources. Watch this brief clip, read retraction and see what you think.

Copyright 2017 by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own. This post is hereby released into the public domain. Photo: "Washington Crossing The Delaware"  (1851), by Emmanuel Luetze, Metropolitan Museum of Art, via Wikipedia (Public Domain). Image was screenshotted and shared on Twitter as a message from #QAnon on 12/24/2017.