Wednesday, January 31, 2018

One Minute Marketing Insight: Reframing (Video)

Watch video here.

Text follows:

  • Reframing is turning a weakness into a strength.
  • Quick example: you sell a product that costs a lot of money to make, and you charge a lot of money to purchase it. You position it as a premium product.
  • Reframing is not lying. Reframing is when you take a situation and you put it in the most positive light possible. 
  • It's really really important not to cross the line from reframing to lying, because lying is not only morally wrong, but it destroys your credibility. 
  • Another thing that people should be aware of is that sometimes an opponent will use selective truths to discredit a campaign, a person, and it's important to know how to put those truths in context. Putting truths in context is a form of reframing.
Have a good day.
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