On Brandless Branding

The following is adapted from my comment on "The Future of Brands Is No Brands - Here's Why" by Laurence van Elegem (September 11, 2011 on LinkedIn):


1) If you are choosing between two intermediary brands, then branding still matters. 

2) I do think there is merit to the argument that technology intermediaries are guiding our brand choices, but what I see is that consumers question their uses of specific branded technologies (and alter their use behavior) based on brand perceptions. 

--For example, use of Google's search engine is currently a hot topic due to the perception that the company censors search results. As such there is a counter-movement towards DuckDuckGo. 

--Twitter vs. Gab, same thing. 

And we haven't even talked about the ways in which news intermediaries, brands in and of themselves, are chosen and abandoned.

3) As to companies like Brandless, I just don't see any evidence that people prefer them. 

Me, I like to go to the store and seek out brands that I know will deliver what I want or that look interesting. 

Ultimately, "No Branding" is Communist - it doesn't tell me anything at all. 

Brings to mind that old Wendy's commercial - "SWIMWEAR!"

Think it through before making proclamations.


Opinions my own. Posted September 12, 2017. Public domain. 


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