How HR Can Support The Business

Sharing the answer I posted to Quora:

HR is a subset of business management. Ideally HR is functioning to: 
  1. recruit talent aligned with the organization’s culture and operational needs 
  2. orient employees once onboard
  3. develop their skills in a way that supports the business
  4. weed out poor performers
  5. inform employees of news they need
  6. proactively seek employee and executive feedback on issues related to engagement, culture and skill alignment
  7. manage disputes and complaints
  8. manage separation in a way that maintains a positive relationship between the ex-employee and the organization
  9. conduct outreach to alumni of the organization
  10. ensure compliance with legal requirements especially those related to diversity and inclusion (this includes advocating for requirements that should be met, e.g. nondiscrimination policies that protect the LGBT community).


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