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Dear G-d, Please Stop Hillary Clinton

There comes a time in life when we have to stop pursuing the normal course of business and attend to the things that matter even more. We are now at such a moment. All human effort thus far has failed to bring to justice a woman named Hillary Clinton. This individual, who is treasonous, corrupt, sexually predatory, a domestic abuser, a racist, and vile through and through has almost achieved the most powerful position in the entire world: President of the United States.

The human courts have not been able to convict Mrs. Clinton. This is because, first and foremost, she is a brand. Mrs. Clinton looks like everybody's image of a stateswoman. She has the act down pat. She lies so authentically she makes it seem almost real. And she, with her pantsuits and her seemingly feminist rhetoric, has managed to fool so many, despite her obvious crimes. In fact I know many women, and men, who say they don't care how corrupt she is, because all politicians are corrupt anyway.

Dear G-d, some say that there is no justice in this world. I am not You, and I cannot fathom Your ways. I have to trust that You will make things right. But I also have learned, over the years, that it is my job as a human being to pray to You. I cannot ignore the evil that festers and flourishes, seemingly unchecked. More than prayer I must demand of You, implore You, fall to my knees and beg of You that You take this woman away from civilized humanity so that she cannot cause any further harm.

I feel a special burden of responsibility, Dear G-d, because I have been part of the "branding" movement. That is, I have spent the last fifteen years of my life teaching people and organizations to make themselves look good - more than good, premium. I have had a hand in the creation of illusion, of value that is not there, of products that people do not need or even want. I have helped to sow confusion and fear, and then promised that "the brand" would ultimately make life better.

I regret the bad things that I have done in the name of promoting branding. I regret that anyone may have learned from me how to promote an evil agenda, and pretend that it is good.

Dear G-d. I did not know that Hillary Clinton, and her minions, deny Your holy name. I did not know that her daughter wears a cross upside down as a means of mocking You. I did not realize that she was using a Muslim to trade money for favors with leaders of foreign lands. As a Jew, I prayed that she would help to protect the nation of Israel. I did not realize that she would participate in bringing the nation down, through the evil plotting and planning of President Obama and his henchmen.

I was so stupid and naive, G-d. I saw in Hillary Clinton, for so many years, the culmination of what it means to be a successful woman. I did not see that she throws women to the wolves just as the cruelest man does. I did not know that she was accused of being a sexual predator herself. I did not know that she supported cracking baby's skulls open up to and until the time of birth.

I did not know that she was involved with the kind of people who steal babies off the streets of Haiti and sell them for sex or organ trafficking.

Dear G-d. As a Jew I am obliged to make this world a better place. I am horrified at the actions of my own people, when they do wrong. I know that we have, and I expect that you will make justice happen regardless of who is responsible.

I think about the deaths in Benghazi, Libya, of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. About her total callousness discussing the ending of souls entrusted to her. Her raspy voice, her yelling and her hand gestures. "What difference does it make?" The words ring in my ears.

Dear G-d, I have seen list after list of the crimes Hillary Clinton is accused of. I have seen evidence upon evidence shared in public, things I can never hope to understand with my simple mind.

But I am not stupid, Dear G-d. And I know that this woman, if she becomes the President of the United States, will ensure the death of our great Nation.

Dear G-d, there is no justice in the human courts. I beg You for Divine Justice.


All opinions my own. Photo by Craig Moe via Flickr (Creative Commons).

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