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Sing along with me..."Dayenu" (translation: "it's enough")
  • If Hillary would blame the FBI for the fact that she committed crimes requiring FBI involvement...Dayenu.
  • If the DNC, the Clinton Foundation and George Soros were funding and organizing anti-Trump riots in secret...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary pretended to make a concession speech while signaling with her outfit the "purple revolution" against Trump's presidency, with George Soros...Dayenu.
  • If HIllary would have colluded with the mainstream media and the pollsters to portray herself the winner...Dayenu.
  • If the Democrats would have stolen the primaries from Bernie Sanders...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary would have conspired to portray Donald Trump as a serial sexual abuser while concealing her own husband's history of rape and sexual abuse, and intimidating the women who accused him...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary would have conspired to conceal her life-threatening health problems with a "note from the doctor" citing that she is fit to run...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary's campaign chair would have been found out to be involved with pedophiles and satanic devil worshiping artists...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary herself would be accused of sexual assault against minor girls, including sex slaves...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary would give only 6 percent of every dollar donated to her "charitable foundation" to actual charity...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary would be involved with child traffickers in Haiti, and deny funding to Haiti, while claiming to take money for the poorest people in the world, whose lives were destroyed by natural disaster...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary's "foundation" would take money from the women-abusing Saudis and then giving them the largest arms deal in history on behalf of the State Department...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary would send Ambassador Chris Stephens on a suicide mission to cover up a screwup related to gun-running arms to radical militias...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary would subvert Freedom of Information Act laws and administer the Department of State's most important secret discussions from a bathroom closet...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary would send classified emails to her maid to print...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary's closest aide, raised by radical Islamic fundamentalists, would have access to send email on her behalf...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary colluded with President Obama to pretend that Assad used chemical weapons on the Syrians when in fact they wanted to build a pipeline through Syria and needed an excuse to invade...Dayenu.
  • If Hillary in effect, by creating the Syria crisis, also created the refugee crisis that has nearly collapsed Germany, Sweden, the UK and Italy...Dayenu.
For all of this and more...for laughing at the vicious rape of a 12 year old and getting the pedophile rapist off...for viciously threatening women, cursing Jews and Black people, and name-calling her own Secret Service agents...for putting her own employees in danger...for using the State Department as a campaign prop...Dayenu.

Dayenu. Stop the phony riots and the fake protestations over how glorious a President she would have been.
All opinions my own.

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