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Communism Presented To Us As Democracy

Earlier I posted a cryptic message that I wanted to explain a bit more clearly. The question was, what do you call someone who promises to protect you, but beats you when you dissent? I was rushing and did not mean to freak anyone out - the point was to draw a parallel between our human right to live free of abuse -- a subject I care very deeply about, and communism.

Let me explain. When a person is being abused, the person abusing them (whether a parent or a partner or a caregiver) often pretends, at least at first, to be caring for them, when in fact they are manipulating the person to be under their thumb. This is communism in a nutshell. Because under communism, freedom of thought is only acceptable to serve the "interests" of the group. Individual rights are not acceptable, period.

(This was the experience I personally had in yeshiva, where you either believed and were "one of us" or you didn't and were ostracized...fortunately there has been some progress since then.)

Because nobody I know has actually lived under communism, I don't think they really understand it. Moreover, we are always told that we live in a democracy, and that democracy and communism are actually totally opposite in nature. Nevertheless the confusing media world we are living in, where there is apparently only one way to think, is a direct signifier of a communist society. Analysis is fine and good but if you cross the line into ideas that threaten "the group," you are to be silenced.

It is core to my nature to integrate the personal and political. I'm not an original thinker in that regard - feminists have always said and done this. I think about Passover when we celebrate freedom from slavery, but growing up the women slaved to put together a table. That hypocrisy always stuck in my craw.

If you think about it logically, the things we take for granted in our personal relationships with others, are also the things we believe should order our external social world. If a girl grows up thinking she exists to serve her father, her mother, her brothers and then her husband and kids...she is very unlikely to develop an identity of her own. Conversely, if a girl is encouraged to run free, to study and to be creative, guess what as an adult she will seek out relationships, jobs and community activities where she is valued as an equal person at the table - not a slave.

The bottom line is, regardless of your politics, in the United States all of us are free to have our own views regardless of what others think. We can marry who we want. Our status in life is not determined by family or caste or color or religion or anything other than initiative.

This is why, as a democracy, we must be aware of and resist any attempt to overthrow our way of life. And always know, when people try to take away something you have, they will always try to do it in such a way that you don't even know it's happening. Or even, that you happily follow along. They use words like "safe," "free," "together," "love," and so on when the reality is crushing conformity, slavery, roboticism and in fact the terminal end of everything our society is built on.

The link here is a short primer from Stanford University which explains, very simply and succinctly, how this riddle operates. It explains how someone can insist that they're against bigotry and hate, but actually be promulgating those very things, in order to centralize and consolidate full power over the individual.

The bottom line is, in a communist regime, freedom of expression is deeply desired - as long as you will go along with the program. Otherwise you are considered a danger to the state, and marginalized, punished, censored, exiled or otherwise punished by any means necessary.

We live in a democracy. Not a communist regime.

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