We Will Be Great Anyway

We may argue over who is most qualified to lead.

We may engage one another warily on Facebook.

We may be horrified by the nature of the cruelty and the suffering we often face.

But we will be great anyway.

We are a nation built on impossible dreams.

We stand on the shoulders of those who laid down their bodies and died for us.

For us.

As we seek to be great we will stumble, and fall upon the way.

We will be fooled by charlatans.

We may even give up hope.

But we will be great anyway.

Because we are a blessed nation. (Not perfect by any means.) But seeded with seeds of greatness

It may seem that corruption is strong.

But we, together, are stronger.

May the One Above guide us to be wise, and courageous.

More important, may He help us never to give up.

All opinions my own. Photo via Wikipedia.