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Bring Back The American Dream

This country was built on three dreams, all of them related to freedom:
* I can worship G-d as I please, or not worship at all
* I can become rich beyond my wildest dreams
* I can be myself regardless of what other people think
Unfortunately our history is full of the bad things we did to struggle for those dreams. Also unfortunately our history is full of people who want to take these freedoms away and install some form of dictatorship in its place (using nice words of course).
The task we have before us in 2016 is to stop thinking and talking about all the unfortunate things and move forward.
We need to be positive. We need to unite around these freedoms once again and formulate a plan for getting there. Stop complaining and start working to solve the problems.
But - let's use the analogy of the human body here. You have to realize that America is bleeding. Most people are actually poor. They do not have adequate shelter, food, healthcare, or education. They do not have good job prospects. And our country is bleeding as well. Foreign countries are attacking us every single day, attacking our ability to compete economically, attacking our computer systems, attacking our military, attacking our reputation as a world leader.
What should America do in the face of all this bleeding? How can we begin to think about freedom again when we are laying down on the ground getting weaker by the minute?
In the hospital when someone comes into the emergency room and they're bleeding like crazy the doctors and nurses do triage. They stop the bleeding!
This is where we need to begin. When you have a nation of people bleeding in the ER, you don't take more people from foreign countries in for triage.
When you have a nation of people who are drowning in debt and living on food stamps, you don't approach the world from a "one world" point of view. You approach the world from a "take care of our people" point of view.
When you have a government that is so complicated and bureaucratic that the people's money is unaccounted for, you inspect the government brick by brick, eliminate the waste ruthlessly and put it instead towards food, shelter, medical care, education, and so on.
When you have a powerful military complex, including government, contractors, etc. spending infinite sums without accountability to the people, it is time to open the books, focus on what matters and rein the rest in.
When you have a business community that is wealthy beyond belief but not spending their money over here, and not paying their fair share of taxes, it is time to send the feds in and break up whatever games are being played.
But unfortunately the government has not been effective enough at this.
Nor has the government done enough to create a climate where ordinary people can make money as entrepreneurs. Every single thing a business does is regulated to the hilt. The amount of paperwork is absolutely dizzying.
It is time to take a gigantic axe and chop out all the rules we do not need anymore. While we are at it let's rewrite the remaining ones in plain English.
Finally when you have a citizenry that is becoming less and less able to read, write, and do basic math, it's a little bit of a head scratcher to figure out how they are going to compete in a world of scientists and engineers who are doing far, far more than that.
We really have our work cut out for us this year. It's going to take a massive national mobilization effort to bring this country back to where it should be on the world stage.
What people are angry about is that the elite class, including Washington, doesn't seem to recognize or care about THEIR REAL PROBLEMS. All the intellectuals do is talk, and talk, and talk and put their fingers up their noses and talk some more.
Real people need real help so maybe we should elevate the tone of the national political debate and start acting like the grownups our children need us to be.

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