The 5 Things Every Marketer Should Learn In 2015

  • What they can and cannot do: Marketing is such a broad field right now that it is impossible to know and do everything well. It’s important to specialize, even if one only specializes in being a generalist.
  • How to do visual content: This as opposed to verbal content. People scan, they take things in visually, they do not read – especially on social media. A marketer must learn to communicate in visual terms.
  • How to work in global networked virtual teams: We have reached the point where technology has almost completely eliminated the need for face-to-face interaction. A marketer must be fluent in terms of their ability to connect with others virtually, whether they’re colleagues or not; working with others virtually; and crowdsourcing solutions to problems quickly.
  • How to pitch themselves quickly and effectively. Opportunities are always cropping up out of the blue. It could be a blind job ad placed on LinkedIn, or an expression of interest from a recruiter, or a colleague with whom collaboration seems likely. A marketer must always be ready to explain themselves briefly; describe their value in a nutshell; sell the concept they’re working on in high-level terms. Remember, one often has to create opportunity where none seems to exist.
  • When branding matters:  The answer to this is always. Even if one isn’t working on a campaign, even if one isn’t working altogether – there is always the need to brand oneself, and every expression of one’s brand is relevant. One never knows where someone will pick it up.
All opinions are the authors’ own.