"The Walking Dead" As A Commentary On Community

You misunderstand "The Walking Dead" if you think it's about zombies. It's about the question of whether community is possible.

You won't even think the premise of the question is valid unless you are of the mindset to ask it. I personally believe the show is aimed at Gen Xers, who do ask.

We are not like Boomers, or Millennials at all. I once read that they are closer to one another than to us. That is true.

To oversimplify, Boomers and Millennials have this idea that "we all should get along." We should try to change the world, no doubt -- but at the end of the day, diplomacy and group belonging come first.

Gen Xers are different. We don't believe people naturally get along -- not at all. We are very tribal; we have a select, small group of family and friends that we carry through your our lives, and that's it. 

"The Walking Dead" speaks to the deepest fear of the Xer. That their most beloved ones will be taken away. Leaving them (us) utterly alone and rudderless.

The perfect brands for Gen Y epitomize the idea that "we are all one." A fluid, interconnected mass of basically good people. When one leaves, another joins the social network. All is good because all are good.

Xers don't buy it. We are not one, we are many ones, trying to work it out and survive. 

And we're not sure which we're more afraid of, either: living through or dying from the Apocalypse.

All opinions my own. Poster via Wikipedia.