What happens when you accept yourself.

I have found that social media enables the journey through life.

By expressing myself in a very public way, I have been able to look objectively and critically at my own identity. I have been able to receive feedback from people who know me, and people who don't. 

All of that introspection and reflection has been good, albeit sometimes painful. It cuts through the usual clutter and denial. It has accelerated the process of me finding out who I am, trying to live up to my better self, and accepting it when I cannot.

Many people think that self-discovery automatically means other people will be on board with you. It's not true. I think about Bruce Jenner: Some will support you, others will be embarrassed by you, and most of the world will continue not to care.

Social media has been good for me, and it's been good to me as well. I would encourage anyone and everyone to lend their voices to the Great Conversation.

All opinions my own.