How To Win At Job Interviews - A Cheat Sheet

Note: I did not write this, only edited a shared email down for brevity and flow. The credit goes to Nikki J. Thomas, my daughter's mentor.
  • What they want: Capable, hardworking, team player
  • Do this: Prepare answers to questions like: Why choose you, tell us about you, what are your strengths/weaknesses, why you want the job, what is your biggest accomplishment, what is your leadership/communication style, can you work under pressure/criticism/difficulty/disagreement/on a team - prove it 
  • How to answer a question: Issue, role, steps you took, outcome, benefit, lesson
  • Don't do this: Be late, look sloppy, be completely unprepared, say negative things, look up/down/sideways or exhibit other off-putting body language, talk too much or too little, fail to listen, say things that sound selfish/entitled, ask for a rush decision or interview evaluation.
  • Know the types of questions: Personality, accomplishments, technical, situational, big picture
Good luck everyone. Hope this helps.
All opinions my own. Photo credit: David Blackwell / Flickr.


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