The Spitball (a family memory)

A classic Andy Blumenthal story. He wrote about it in his blog but I have to tell you how it went down from where I sat.

We go into the pizza place last night for fries. A bunch of teenagers sits right next to us and they are normal kids - loud.

All of a sudden a spitball lands on Andy's ear. You should have seen his expression, it was like WTF, and I could see he was a little bit startled. He picks up the spitball and we just look at it. 

I'm thinking, uh-oh because if you know Andy you know that sending a spitball his way is not a good idea.

I go "don't worry, they're just kids," etc. typical mom trying to keep the peace.

Suddenly he picks up one of my French fries and his hand is kind of wobbling...before I know it he lets his hand fly and the fries have landed in the kids' camp.

One of the girls in the gang must have said something, I didn't hear it or see her expression, but the Mashgiach (kosher supervisor - who is a kid himself not much older than them) comes running over to scold THEM for throwing food! He tells them they better pick it up.

Meanwhile Andy is laughing so hard his shoulders are shaking, and me and Rebecca Blumenthal are too, and we are laughing for what seems like forever.

Finally Rebecca says, "Dad, you are the coolest Dad ever. I love you."

It was a great moment.


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