"Speak up, Dossy baby, speak up."

How those who have passed are still with us.

Yesterday was the Yahrtzeit of my beloved grandmother Muriel Garfinkel, may she rest in peace (a"h). Words cannot express how much I love (eternal tense) my Grandma. She was everything in one, beautiful, family, career, tough but empathetic and generous. She was fiercely loyal to my grandfather but didn't hesitate to speak her independent mind either. One from a special generation, just not found again today.

In any case, yesterday's blog. I was thinking to write about communication tips. However Rebecca Blumenthal said to me, I think you should drop the branding stuff and just write from the heart.

So it comes to me...something about Grandpa's (a"h) cap. I don't know where this comes from AT ALL and it has no connection to anything I can think of.

So I sit down and write and out comes the blog.

Last night my mother tells me it's Grandma's Yahrtzeit, the anniversary of her passing. The family memorializes her and she is closer to us in the material realm than usual.

I say to my mom, "Isn't that just like Grandma to 'speak up' for Grandpa and inspire a blog about his memory?" Because the immediate prior blog was about Zayde, my father's father (a"h).

Grandma was an extraordinarily beautiful woman and also extraordinarily modest. But modesty is not the same as silence. Grandma understood that we are required to speak when necessary, loudly if we have to, and she was also reserved when it was appropriate.

A lesson for life...sometimes we think that those who speak up about issues of concern are necessarily "bigmouths." But like Grandma would have said, "Dossy baby, for everything there is a time and a place."