The World's Greatest Enemy - Inside Your Head

So my daughter went on a college interview and they asked for her favorite book. She named this one and asked if she had screwed up. (Um, not as bad as her mother, who said she didn't even READ books, because "they're mostly a waste of time.")

Not knowing what it was I just laughed at the prospect of telling someone your favorite book is a Satan novel. (I thought it was young adult drama, like a vampire book.)

It's not. It's a seriously powerful book which I read on the plane. Could not stop taking screenshots of things to memorize and share.

Basically the book is written as if Satan were speaking directly to the human race about WHY suffering persists, HOW evil got here into G-d's realm, and most importantly WHAT to do in order to bring the final redemption.

I violently disagree with the author's repeated statement that organized religion is inherently bad, and that there is no such thing as Jews only "Israelites." That part is clearly an agenda. But otherwise the contents shook me and struck me to the core. Here are the main ideas.

1. Satan means adversary and this is an angel whose job is to ensure free will by tricking you at every turn into failing your various life tests.

2. Satan is inside your head and you can only fight him there. It is not a person or an entire group of people classed as "evil."

3. Satan's primary weapons include your ego, which is not actually you but Satan, and which controls you in so many ways you have to read the book to understand them.

4. The main thing to know is that Satan presents himself as rational thinking. Also guilt, shame, low self-esteem, and anxiety. You are acting from this place when you jump to react instead of being slow and thoughtful - coming from the real you.

5. The search for a soul mate (the right one) is essential and do not let Satan throw you off. You are entitled to love and happiness.

If you are scared at the thought of all this...remember you can win by looking inward and saying, I see you, Satan and I know you are up to your old tricks. Also pray to G-d, meditate on His name/s.

There is a lot more...a life changing book.