Follow up to 6:13 & the dream about Heaven

Readers of the blog may recall my dad's visit to a Kabbalist. Who told me:

- your ancestors are pleading with you to return to the fold.
- start with Shabbos, keep kosher and go to a mostly observant shul with your family on Shabbos.

Given the frequency with which I was seeing 6:13 on the clock and elsewhere digitally (like on the computer, a search result would be dated 6/13/13) I took it seriously.

Also I was seeing the number combination 11:11 on my phone and you can Google the numerous results on that.

Spiritually there is a doorway between this realm and the Heavenly realm and something was pushing that doorway open in my life.

After hearing from the Kabbalist I made some strides in the kosher department but didn't do as great on Shabbos. For example, I wrote a blog on Friday night after sundown.

Immediately (this after a respite of a few days) the 6:13 message appeared again - I saved a screenshot for the post and it was marked with that time.

It happened again in the morning at 6:13 when again I was breaking the Sabbath. I looked at my iPhone and there, 6:13.

I want to emphasize that did not feel attacked by this but rather like it was a parent gently pleading with me not to harm myself by disobeying. I also understood (and the Kabbalist said this explicitly) to take small, starting steps and not do everything at once.

So next week I will not blog on Sabbath.

* * * 

There is something else to share. I have permission to relay it.

It is a about a loved one, recently passed. The timing was significant.

The dreamer dreamt she was sitting on the couch of this loved one as they had many times.

But it was as if they were on the Other Side, not here in the material realm.

The loved one reassured the dreamer. "It's peaceful in Heaven."

The loved one also said, "G-d separates people (in Heaven) based on their actions (on Earth)."

Finally, "Earth is suffering." 

At that point "as if to show me what that meant," the dreamer said - "lightning flashed and big black bugs were crawling up the window trying to get in."

My understanding of the dream was that life is eternal, the natural state of life is Oneness with the Divine and peace, but that the purpose of the human condition is to refine our souls so as to merit that rest in unity.

We can't go there until we suffer here.

So the purpose of life is not happiness. It is meaning.

Meaning is found in the service of G-d and people.


All opinions my own.