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"Speak up, Dossy baby, speak up."

How those who have passed are still with us.
Yesterday was the Yahrtzeit of my beloved grandmother Muriel Garfinkel, may she rest in peace (a"h). Words cannot express how much I love (eternal tense) my Grandma. She was everything in one, beautiful, family, career, tough but empathetic and generous. She was fiercely loyal to my grandfather but didn't hesitate to speak her independent mind either. One from a special generation, just not found again today.
In any case, yesterday's blog. I was thinking to write about communication tips. However Rebecca Blumenthal said to me, I think you should drop the branding stuff and just write from the heart.
So it comes to me...something about Grandpa's (a"h) cap. I don't know where this comes from AT ALL and it has no connection to anything I can think of.
So I sit down and write and out comes the blog.
Last night my mother tells me it's Grandma's Yahrtzeit, the anniversary of her passing. The family memorializes her an…

The point of money.

We've been in Santa Fe observing the rich. There they are, in packs of two or three or five. They wear $3,000 cowboy boots and ski pants and fur hats. The waiters and waitresses wait on them hand and foot and I can see them spitting contemptuously when nobody's looking. I totally hate their vibe. Here's the type of thing they do: You show up at the hotel at midnight and they take half an hour checking in. You've patiently waited. Then they come back and while you're talking to the front desk clerk, they interrupt. It's very aggravating. There is another group down here, a loosely connected underground. They call each other by made-up first names. They live outside, sometimes. They spend a long time talking to you about local history and ways and culture and the Green movement and ancient battles between Spanish Catholics and the Native Americans they tried to convert. This group doesn't care about the time. They are mountain men and personal assistants and heal…

5 Ideas To Help LinkedIn Grow & Innovate

LinkedIn can grow in a few ways:
1. Partner with a freelance company to allow members to offer and obtain services through the LinkedIn brand itself

2. Create sub-brand platforms or portals where people from the same country can meet and network

3. Partner with training companies to offer online certificates and degrees, where you take courses socially and the activity becomes part of your network activity.

4. Partner with Skype/Google Hangouts to offer business calls, virtual meetings, webinars

5. Travel concierge services for business travelers, including connecting you with people in town.

All of the above should be managed with a point system, eg the more you participate the more points you earn, unlocking additional privileges. 

Points should not be something you can purchase. They can make money from the sponsors of the various platforms offering services (eg for example Elance).
---- Addendum to #1, in response to a comment: 
On #1 the idea would is to acquire a company (or companies) th…

The World's Greatest Enemy - Inside Your Head

So my daughter went on a college interview and they asked for her favorite book. She named this one and asked if she had screwed up. (Um, not as bad as her mother, who said she didn't even READ books, because "they're mostly a waste of time.")
Not knowing what it was I just laughed at the prospect of telling someone your favorite book is a Satan novel. (I thought it was young adult drama, like a vampire book.)
It's not. It's a seriously powerful book which I read on the plane. Could not stop taking screenshots of things to memorize and share.
Basically the book is written as if Satan were speaking directly to the human race about WHY suffering persists, HOW evil got here into G-d's realm, and most importantly WHAT to do in order to bring the final redemption.
I violently disagree with the author's repeated statement that organized religion is inherently bad, and that there is no such thing as Jews only "Israelites." That part is clearly an agend…

Lead w/ Love

There are times when you dislike a person on sight and this was one of those times. Thin, tall, beautiful, irritable. Scowled when I asked for a bit more room on the bench, to accommodate family and coats. "What a bitch," I thought. In quotes because so loudly it seemed out loud. We shuffled and waited and did not look forward to the speech. We did not know she was going to be the speaker. "I want to tell you a personal story today," she began. "My mother was my advocate and champion." She went on to tell us about her humble life. What it was like to be alone with a single mother, whose joy was to run up and down the hallways of their apartment building, telling everyone who would listen that her daughter got into a state school. The young woman came down here alone and friendless. She fought her way forward for four years. They bonded over food and studied all night and forced each other to make it to their finals on time. And then she did something she did not …

Follow up to 6:13 & the dream about Heaven

Readers of the blog may recall my dad's visit to a Kabbalist. Who told me:
- your ancestors are pleading with you to return to the fold. - start with Shabbos, keep kosher and go to a mostly observant shul with your family on Shabbos.
Given the frequency with which I was seeing 6:13 on the clock and elsewhere digitally (like on the computer, a search result would be dated 6/13/13) I took it seriously.
Also I was seeing the number combination 11:11 on my phone and you can Google the numerous results on that.
Spiritually there is a doorway between this realm and the Heavenly realm and something was pushing that doorway open in my life.
After hearing from the Kabbalist I made some strides in the kosher department but didn't do as great on Shabbos. For example, I wrote a blog on Friday night after sundown.
Immediately (this after a respite of a few days) the 6:13 message appeared again - I saved a screenshot for the post and it was marked with that time.
It happened again in the morning at…

PR + Social ---> Boom

Why you build a brand: to add value to your company. How you build a brand: advertising, marketing, PR, events, social media, publications, web, mobile, apps, sales, email, conferences customer service, internal name it. A top-priority, critical intersection you're likely overlooking: the connection between PR and social media. The connections between your disparate activities generally. Why you should focus on PR and social media specifically: because the one has an exponential force multiplier effect on the other. Almost nuclear. Just to review for a second. 1) Why you do PR: Short-term proactive: Get the word out among influencers, who then tell the rest of the worldLong-term insurance: Build your reputation for current and prospective investors, and in case of a future crisisReactive: Minimize damage in case of a crisis2) Social media's rationale: Community-building, channel - agnostic - i.e. a content portal or a unique social media brand across distinct tool…

I Am Strong When You Are With Me

"He wants to hold my hand. But I'm short." "So walk side by side." "He wants to hold my hand. So I said to him, 'I'm short. I can hold your arm though.'" "What did he say to that?" "Once I put it that way, then he calmed down." * * * Paradox: We seek to grow and evolve as individuals.We live to walk arm in arm with our significant other.* * *  "OK, you're in voice change mode." "Good morning." "So is it really true that 1 in 3 women keep their ex's phone number in their phone, and are even still secretly in love? Because I think about my wife, and frankly that scares me." DC's Hot 99.5 was holding its daily morning discussion of relationships. Around the microphone: Kane, Danni and Intern John. "Absolutely, Kane. I'm getting married on Sunday. But if Brandon were to call, I'd leave my fiancee in a heartbeat."  "You're kidding." "Absolutely. And he cheated …

What The Kabbalist Told My Dad

I asked my dad to consult a Kabbalist because I kept seeing "6:13" on my iPhone and other clocks. 

This happened at least 8 times by the time I called my dad. It wasn't my imagination - noticed it enough to take screenshots.
Also note: Normally I don't even notice the time. Only recently bought a watch! 
Still, I wasn't going to call or consult anyone.
My family worried. They thought it might be a warning, as I am less religiously observant than them. (Significance: There are 613 commandments in the Torah.)
Initially I brushed them off. Then one night I picked up the phone. Because many years ago my life was in grave danger and I survived after some very intense prayer on my behalf.
So. A few weeks later, last night, my dad visited with the Kabbalist. I am going to share some of what I was told - the part that is relevant to a wider audience. It is a spiritual message, and spiritual messages need to be shared. 
A I do this I understand some of you will be cynical. But I…

Brand Is Only The Social Network

Remember the good old days of building a brand? The days of "Mad Men." You took the client out for steak and wine. You wrote up a creative brief.  You gave it to the client, who signed it. And then you delivered Choices A, B, and C. They chose one, and you did advertising. A brand was born. * * *  Times have changed a lot since those magical days, if ever they really existed. Now, people "get in the way" of the "perfectly architected" brand. Routinely. We live in the age of chaos. A different logic determines the social order. And brands are not determined in advance.  Social media has made the pecking order. Even if you don't see your stakeholders doing it, they are there and "interfering" with your plans. * * *  You don't understand how their efforts are helpful. You want to direct the energy and flow of the brand - you imagine perfect consistency. But they are doing the work for you, you see. They're not just telling you what they want to see…

Allergic To Selling

"I'm telling you, it's good publicity," I was arguing. In my excitement I almost knocked over the plant. "I suspected that you would say that," was the reply. "As long as they spell your name right, it's good PR." "You said it, not me." I went back to my desk and turned the lights off. The glow of the screen beckoned. Headphones on head, white noise on, I soon became lost in the task. And then, a note. "Are you going to make it to the meeting? I'll be here till 1:00."  Late again, but it was a good walk. I should leave my office more; I work in an interesting place, full of labs where you can walk in and see the work of science in progress. Animated conversation, amazing exhibits, portraits of Nobel Prize winners line the walls. Antti Korhonen, the entrepreneur in residence at NIST, waved me in. He looked like you would imagine a CEO looks. Impatient, intelligent, eager to get things done. There was nothing on the desk save fo…

All PR Is Good PR Except This

It happened one day while I was Googling myself.

"She is a sociopath," or something like that. "Good luck if you have to deal with her."

A comment, online, that referred to me.

You are thinking I brushed that comment off, right? Like I'm so cool, and practiced, and nothing bothers me.

Hell no!

It was a personal attack, and I complained because of the very specific nature of the phrasing - hatred, and it could harm me on the job.

Later I surmised that the writer did not intend to make those comments public. Unfortunately, Google (and I) found them anyway.

On another note it seems the hackers have been busy lately...among other things setting up spam impersonations of other people's Twitter accounts, including me.

It made me so upset the first time, I thought someone who knew me did it. Until further research showed this is relatively common and seemingly almost random.

And who can forget the spoofing debacle, ten years ago? A global essay contest I created, that gene…

Inconvenient People

I pick up the phone and dial. "Hey Ma."  "What?" This is literally how we start every single conversation. "I keep having this dream that I am a baby, I am crying and nobody's coming for me." "That's not a dream." "What?" "When you were a baby we followed Dr. Spock. When it was bedtime, we put you in the crib and that was it." * * * "Can you believe that? What kid of childrearing is that?" It is later that night and I am ranting and raving in the kitchen. "No wonder you're so screwed up," my husband says. "Very funny." I cannot believe they abandoned me in the crib to scream my head off all night because of some stupid self-proclaimed expert. "Well, you always argued they should cry it out," my husband says to me, referring to our kids. "Now you're on your high horse about your mother?" * * *  Having a kid is one tough job, just like running a business is. No matter what the e…

Why You're Not All That Engaging

Because you're so clueless, you use words like "engaging" just because they're the latest buzzword. Because you look away from me when I'm talking to you, like that "how fast can I get out of here" kind of look. You check your goddamn PHONE! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY EMAILS! Because you don't listen to a single word I say. Not one. You're too busy waiting for a turn to talk. Because you're so full of yourself. YOUR ideas, your methodologies. G-d, I can tell you are so FULL OF CRAP! Because you insist that you are right and I am wrong. When I know you're wrong! And you know it, too. Because you haven't got a single clue about what tasks are "on task" versus which are "off." You call yourself an innovator, but you think like an Army drill sergeant.  Because you never really read anything. I can tell. You have nothing to say. That's boring. Because your staff meetings are filled - just FILLED - with dead air. Plus fear. The…

5 Big Predictions 2015

This one's a little different than the social media trends prediction I did a short time ago. These are the big ones, the major marketing trends, clear moneymakers. 1. Decadent healthy: Anyone can make a sugarfree chocolate bar. I'm talking about luscious, gorgeous, voluptuous packaging for water, that comes from the purest streams in the most distant places on Earth. 2. Expensive DIY: We will refuse to pay for anything, but we'll splurge on the "ingredients" to make everything. 3. Inner circle economics: I work with my friends and they work with me. Trust and camaraderie go beyond any specific skill. Currency is how far you go back with each other. 4. Forgiveness coaches: Experts, some trained but mostly not, will abound who can help you to "release" the wounds of your past. 5. No currency allowed: People will get away from money, away from bitcoin, away from the grid and simply find ways to help each other.   Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal is a seasoned communica…

What Is So Bad About Being A Square?

"I wish that I could be like the cool kids, / 'Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in." - Echosmith, "Cool Kids"I believe "American Horror Story(Season 1 free to watch online if you have Amazon Prime) has solved the bullying problem in America's high schools.  All you have to do is go up to the lead bully, offer her cocaine in exchange for some peace of mind, lure her to your home, then have a friend induce the demons that live in your basement to attack her and gnaw off a piece of her cheek. Now that's cool....right? Because as the young bullying victim states, "I'm not afraid of anything" - not even the things that would scare the bejeezus out of a healthy normal adult. A little bit of fear is normal. A little bit of normal is normal. Maybe startup businesses make millions this way, but ordinary people should not live life always pushing the envelope. Everyone is talking about the horrific rape claim that recently emerged fr…