Enter the Backstabber

"Say, can I pick your brain for a minute?"
"Sure. I am after all the Director of Things. I'll be happy to help."
"It's just that the boss doesn't seem to like me very much."
"Oh no. That's too bad."
"Well, you seem to have a way of talking to her."
"Me? Little me? Well, thank you very much for saying that. I do consider myself kind of an orator. Actually, maybe 'diplomat' is a better word. I've got a talent, you know? I may be a little bit brilliant actually. And here you are, you recognize that. Flattered, that's what I am. I am just, so, flattered."
"I'm not trying to flatter you. You're a genius, and it shows."
"Oh, stop. Now you're being generous."
"I hate to bother you, you're so important and all. But would you mind teaching me how you do it?"
"Of course not! I mean, it's not like I have any actual work to do. Especially when somebody clearly needs a mentor."
"That is just...I don't know what to say. Kind. You're a very kind human being."
"No, thank you. It's rewarding to be recognized for my greatness."
"So should I get my pen then?"
"Yes, do that. Sit down, and start taking notes."
Dannielle Blumenthal is a seasoned communications professional with nearly two decades of progressive, varied experience in the public sector, private sector, and academia. Currently she is a public servant, as well as an independent freelance writer. This blog, like all of her public content, is written in her personal capacity unless otherwise noted. It does not reflect the views of the U.S. government, in whole or in part. Photo credit: Zorin Denu / Flickr