15 Things Employees Want From Their Managers

Photo credit: Drew Bandy/Flickr

There is definitely more that belongs on this list. What would you add?

1.   Consistency / follow established processes 

2.   Integrity

3.   Empathy

4.   Action (not just talk)

5.   Followup

6.  Communication about what affects them / resources where needed / help prioritizing and eliminating busywork /deconflicting areas of confusion

7.   Detail orientation

8.   Technical proficiency 

9.    Reliability

10.   Support, respect, trust 

11.   Hold team members accountable (diplomatically if possible, directly when necessary) - swiftly 

12.   Discuss and evaluate work achievements

13.   Listen and understand history before introducing change (which should be done gingerly)

14.   Maturity / wisdom 

15.   Training / emphasis on continuous development / time to think not just do

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