What Great Corporate Cultures Have - 5 Short Personal Observations

1) A very strong sense of purpose. The idea being that we are a unified force in a "war" to achieve something under incredible odds, pressure, etc. 

2) A 50-50 focus on people and operations vs. 90-10 operations vs. people. (I get that it's hard to trust because you don't want to get hurt; trust issues are why most organizations prefer to focus on technical things and hard numbers.)

3) A commitment to process - order, fairness, clear expectations, etc. I've worked in the private sector where literally, you would walk in one day and someone was gone, and you wouldn't know why. It was horrible. People need to have a sense of fair play in order to feel safe enough to work.

4) Emotional intelligence, inclusion and diversity - freaking hard even for the experts, but deliberate attention is required, because often an employee's strengths are not immediately apparent on the surface. When you harness everyone's skills you have genuine, not token inclusion, and it creates the team spirit you truly want.

5) Communication - this is routinely devalued, as if it were something you just "do" rather than an art form that requires tremendous skill, experience and training. So we deal with it by not dealing with it. But reaching out is critical to making people feel welcomed, connected, valued, etc.

* All opinions my own.