With Just A Little Bit Of Effort (Marshall's As A Lesson In Life)

Screenshot of the Marshall's homepage by me

So we're in the shopping center and we go to every other store except Marshalls. Target doesn't have it. Kohl's is an embarrassing place to shop. H&M, tried that. Forever 21, no luck.

What's the worst that can happen? I think. I want to get a pair of sunglasses first, but can't.

Marshall's is the kind of place my mother would take me to shop. She'd say, "they have great value, stop being such a baby."

And I hate to admit it, but she's right.

They have really gorgeous clothes. They're good brands. They are tasteful. We like it.

Here's the problem though: They make themselves look like a junk store.

That logo is awful.

The layout seems to lack a strategy. For example there are home decor accessories just next to the shoes. And clearance is all over the place not centered together in the back.

It's driving me bananas, and yet the clothes are so good!

We wound up leaving the store with nothing in our hands. I wanted to wash them.

And as I left I thought, if only they would try just a little bit harder.

They already have the stuff all purchased. The retail folks are already in place.

But it's like someone gave up and said, screw it, I'm going to make as much money as I can off this thing and walk away with whatever.

That is a ridiculous way to operate, if it's true. But come to think of it, don't we all do something like this?

We invest a lot of time and effort in stuff, but not all of ourselves. Something like 50 or 55%, when we could go to 65% and see an incredible difference.

Turn up the music just a little bit and it makes you work out so much faster. 

Turn up the a/c and you sleep a whole lot better at night.

Why not invest just a little bit more in whatever it is you choose to do with your life? The rewards are waiting there for the taking.

* All opinions my own.