Why I No Longer Think Brand First

Today I changed the title of my blog to "On My Mind" and my Twitter handle to @drdannielle. 

No more Think Brand First.

I've been thinking about this change a lot. 

Think Brand First was initially meant as a principle of communication - that before you say or do anything, you should think about its impact on your image. And sure, this concept has its time and place.

But unfortunately it's too easy to let the whole branding thing get out of control as a psychological mode of being. You take yourself too seriously.

When you are always Thinking Brand First, you can forget that you're just human like everybody else, subject to G-d who reigns supreme above all.

I'd like to focus my blog time on some more meaningful things, too. Writing about topics and causes that have a greater meaning in life than packaging design and Super Bowl ad strategy.

So we'll see where the journey takes me, but I wanted you all to know. 

I've decided to be a person instead of a brand.

* All opinions my own.