Your Customer Wants To Feel ALIVE

Video by me

There were a lot of street acts in Vegas. But these guys consistently drew a crowd. Do you want to know why? Because they were so excited about their act - so full of energy and life - and they made everybody else feel ALIVE.

Do you make your customer feel alive? The people at the Light Club in Vegas do. They don't just give you music, you also get a complete light show and the most imaginative performing art:

The people who designed Ft. Lauderdale make you feel ALIVE too. The beach and the trees do not sit alone in their natural wonder - the sidewalks, architecture, and even the curved sand rails tell you that you are in a wonderful place.

The essence of a person is the desire to be ALIVE. No matter how much money they have, that feeling is very intense.

Here is a very short clip I took of the cleaning staff hanging out for a couple of minutes at the Tropicana Hotel in LV, laughing and having a good time.

In your interactions with those you serve, remember that they want to have a series of pleasant experiences - not to be brought down by boredom, frustration, sadness and general misery.

* Photo and videos by me. All opinions my own.


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