Mommy and Daddy Are Fighting (The Hidden Cost Of A Turf War)

Did you know that in 2012, the average CEO was paid 354 times as much as the average worker? 

Potentially that is an inspiring fact. Anyone can "make it."

Well, sort of.

Most aspiring CEOs will likely hit a brick wall. 

Because the gap between themselves and the people at the top is so vast.

We all know this in an academic sense.

But how often do we stop to think about it?

Imagine that we had only 100 people in the United States and $100 in total.

* One person would have about $35.
* Sixty would have less than $2 - ALTOGETHER.

Well, you say, perhaps these people at the top are very wise owls who keep the rest of us from destroying Planet Earth.

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But then again, it is also entirely possible that they

I guess it bothers me that some people have everything while others sleep in their cars. (Check out Tyler Perry's Good Deeds, now out on Netflix.)

But what bothers me more is when the people who have everything waste their time with petty turf wars, instead of steering the ship.

* All opinions my own.