The Focused Eye Behind Coca-Cola's Brand

Focus does not mean monotony. Today I had a chance to visit the Coca-Cola store on the Las Vegas strip. I was dazzled. I felt awe at this quintessential American heritage brand, and thought about what keeps it fresh and inspiring to so many even a century after it's founding.

Not only that I wondered how they kept their brand essence focused, with so many diverse products and looks and manifestations of the same thing. See these magnets, above.

If so had to boil it down to one thing I would say they Coca-Cola worships at the altar of the best of America. It is unapologetic refreshment, enjoyment of life, memories of a shared heritage. Look at this jewelry made out of bottle pieces, above.

They had fun scented tee-shirts. The shirts matched the various soda lines. It wasn't about drinking anything, just a smile.

Of course they had old-fashioned signs. They made me think of small towns in the Midwest in the mid-50s, when everything was simpler. I thought of my grandparents (may they rest in peace) in the Catskill Mountains and happy times visiting them.

They had metal vending machines with the famous Mexican Coca-Cola.

Anything you could imagine for the home, was there. Pick one item or all of them - it was too much and never enough.

They even had a soda fountain where you could sample a ton of flavors.

And of course, clothes and more clothes in mostly their signature red.

Finally, ads that featured what looked like movie stars.

I don't drink Coca-Cola much, but I do love the brand and if I could, I would buy all this stuff. It is totally American and totally awesome.

* All opinions my own. Photos by me.