My Predictions: 30 Marketing Trends for 2014 & Beyond

  1. “High tech antiques” – high functionality embedded in vintage, familiar, heritage look and feel.
  2. Bitcoin and other alternative currencies embedded in mobile phones (rather than credit card or bank account).
  3. Increasingly sophisticated methods of barter for professional services.
  4. Parallel stock markets to gamble on virtually everything.
  5. The end of paper checks.
  6. Hiring for emotional intelligence scientists, and the rejection of "touchy feely."
  7. Cheaper and cheaper mass-market juicers.
  8. Augmented reality doctors, plus Skyping, texting, and email - anything but an actual visit.
  9. Co-branded childcare, medical care, and telecommuting centers for parents.
  10. Combination luxury tour and cheaper essential surgery - in developing nations.
  11. Bartering caregiving for rent – especially for the elderly.
  12. Alternative medicine legitimized and increasingly regulated, as the government responds to popular demands for lower-cost and more natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine.
  13. Brainpower industry to mushroom for the elderly - a refusal to accept the so-called "normal" aging process.
  14. Touchscreen computers to quickly replace touchpads (think "Catching Fire" and the archery practice scene with Jennifer Lawrence).
  15. A slow but steady move toward direct brain procedures, and away from pills and therapy to treat post-traumatic stress and related disorders.
  16. Measurement of brain waves for product testing, and a movement away from unreliable focus groups.
  17. Rapid-turnaround marketing interventions based on predictive consumer behavioral analysis.
  18. Growth of the "Big Data Analytics" industry in which customized insight is delivered to your virtual doorstep, even before you ask for it.
  19. Light-activated battery packs embedded in business gear to constantly charge iPhone and laptop.
  20. Retail stores to buy their own clothing back and resell it at a discount – eating into the thrift store market by eliminating the stigma of buying secondhand goods.
  21. Rise of camouflage, “Duck Dynasty” and other military gear in the workplace and the continued demise of the formal suit.
  22. Down with the '80s and '90s fashion, and the ‘70s are back in a big way - think "Anchorman 2" and "American Hustle."
  23. Vending machines to sell more and more luxury impulse products, like makeup.
  24. Lunch trucks to sell haute cuisine, not just basics.
  25. The rise of "hacker patriotism" - turning and grooming future Edward Snowdens in the clandestine service (across nations).
  26. Clandestine anonymous internet browsing cafes with disappearing chat.
  27. Personal GPS tied to 911 – protecting not just home but self.
  28. Rise of female security industry, e.g. single-gender hotel floors, door and window-stoppers, and home protection services geared especially to the needs of single women with children.
  29. "Multifunctional fitness" classes, combining for example personal defense training and sport, or dance lessons and history, or parent-child fitness training.
  30. The mainstreaming of low-cost, just-in-time coaching and assisting - from virtual assistants for parents, to mentors for new recruits, to traditional coaches for midlevel managers.
* All opinions my own.