5 Sins That Bother Me About Vegas

Photo by me.

I laugh along with the ad campaign "What happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas,"  but this stuff is really not cool.

1. Caste System: Poor people serving rich people on an overwhelming scale where most are living on low-paying retail jobs and a few are obscenely rich. The sign at Panda Express offers "great benefits," there is not even a mention of wages.

2. Social Darwinism: People sleeping on the street with various cardboard cutout signs, some humorous some not, like "shitty advice for money" and "even ugly people need to eat."

3. Sex Trafficking: Men handing out cards to other men offering "girls" for sale, billboards offering "girls to your room in 20 minutes" like a Domino's pizza, newsstand racks with Lucite Tic Tac Toe designs offering women for sale.

4. Colonialism: Native Americans reduced to scanning lunch tickets on a Grand Canyon bus tour and singing/dancing on a mock reservation. Seeing the poverty they live in as the bus drives by.

5. Kidnapping and Organized Crime: Signs at the airport warning "If someone offers you a ride they shouldn't be giving you one," and tour guides emphasizing the exact location of the pickup van and the color of the shirt the guy will be wearing.

- All opinions my own.


Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal is an author, independent brand researcher, and adjunct marketing professor with 20 years of varied experience. An avid researcher and prolific, creative writer, Dr. Blumenthal's interests span communication, marketing, qualitative media content analysis, political rhetoric, propaganda, leadership, management, organizational development, and more. An engaged citizen, she has for several years worked to raise awareness around child sex trafficking and the dangers of corruption at @drdannielle on Twitter. You can find her articles at Medium, www.AllThingsBrand.com and www.DannielleBlumenthal.com, and she frequently answers questions on Quora. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own.