5 Sins That Bother Me About Vegas

Photo by me.

I laugh along with the ad campaign "What happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas,"  but this stuff is really not cool.

1. Caste System: Poor people serving rich people on an overwhelming scale where most are living on low-paying retail jobs and a few are obscenely rich. The sign at Panda Express offers "great benefits," there is not even a mention of wages.

2. Social Darwinism: People sleeping on the street with various cardboard cutout signs, some humorous some not, like "shitty advice for money" and "even ugly people need to eat."

3. Sex Trafficking: Men handing out cards to other men offering "girls" for sale, billboards offering "girls to your room in 20 minutes" like a Domino's pizza, newsstand racks with Lucite Tic Tac Toe designs offering women for sale.

4. Colonialism: Native Americans reduced to scanning lunch tickets on a Grand Canyon bus tour and singing/dancing on a mock reservation. Seeing the poverty they live in as the bus drives by.

5. Kidnapping and Organized Crime: Signs at the airport warning "If someone offers you a ride they shouldn't be giving you one," and tour guides emphasizing the exact location of the pickup van and the color of the shirt the guy will be wearing.

- All opinions my own.