5 LinkedIn Profile Updates For 2014

The concept for this year is holistic authenticity. You should portray yourself as the total person that you are, rather than chopping out a part of yourself and presenting it as your professional profile.

Yes, you should do this even if you aren't looking for a job.

1. Profile picture: Should be up-close, preferably outdoors and you are smiling. Arms folded in front is good. Black and white is interesting. No angles. No blurriness. No weird colors or Photoshopping.

2. Headline: Unusual, unique, personal, honest, high-level and in a sentence. It is not what you do! It is your evolving personal brand. So drill down to the essence - and think about how you contribute the most value at work. (Your opinion, not theirs.)

3. Achievements: List 5 things in bullets. These are outcomes, not activities and they should emphasize areas where you enhanced productivity of saved money. Don't offer fake-sounding figures like "saved $1m." Don't take credit for things you didn't do.

4. Recommendations: Reach out and ask for them. Don't be shy. Reciprocate.

5. Bio: This is the first thing people see after your profile picture and headline. Take the time to write it well. I like the idea of leading with who you are as a person, your priorities not just the typical "visionary thought leader" stuff.

* All opinions my own.