10 Ways Hotel Chains Can Make More Money From Their Visitors

Photo by me.

1. Loan iPads and other tablets so that visitors can contact friends and family, take photos, and so on without worrying about taking a personal device. 

2. At in-house Starbucks and other popular in-house coffee destinations, add more cashiers during breakfast rush hour when the line builds up or add more stations.

3. Target the female traveler with a range of services beyond the spa, such as free makeovers, jewelry and personal wardrobe consultations - then sell related products afterward. Tier the products to customers in every category from mass to haute. 

4. Buffet the food as much as possible. People dislike table service because it is uncomfortable to interact with wait staff - making conversation, knowing how much to tip, etc.

5. Add a spa lounge experience to every fitness area. It is not hard to have a few magazines, juice and coffee and a comfortable quiet place to sit. This should be free, as a gateway to sell spa services.

6. Hotel shuttles and tour buses should have plugs, wifi and large seats as standard offerings. Tour guides should mostly not talk as this is annoying.

7. Use side-of-the-building billboards to draw visitors staying at other hotels. Have a simple phone number and URL where viewers can go for more information, directions and discounts.

8. If you are selling entertainment, offer free food. The money is in perks and amenities - a better show, a premium menu or wine list, rare and hard to find merchandise.

9. Use the hotel concierge more. Whatever the desk promotes with a discount is what people will see. Work with partners to offer branded guided package tours originating from the hotel. This reduces the burden on the traveler by enabling one-stop shopping for all fun events. The guest relies on the hotel brand and has confidence in that.

10. Expand the range of in-hotel branded  partners. Guests are reassured by the sight of logos - Starbucks, Yelp!, TripAdvisor, "America's Got Talent" for entertainment acts, and so on.

* All opinions my own.